2016-08-31 - Walt Mills

Controlling electron ‘colour’ step forward in valleytronics

The experimental device of bilayer graphene proves the ability to control the momentum of electrons, offering a path to electronics…

2016-08-24 - Jennifer Langston

How interscatter tech eliminates backscattering by-products

The backscattering process creates an unwanted mirror image copy of the signal, which consumes more bandwidth as well as interferes…

2016-08-24 - Jennifer Langston

Interscatter technique allows implants to talk Wi-Fi

Interscatter communication backscatters existing signals like Bluetooth in the air, transforming wireless transmissions from one technology to another.

2016-08-22 - Tom Butler

Software learns to perfectly mimic handwriting

The system is flexible enough that samples from historical documents can be used with little extra effort.

2016-08-18 - Vivek Nanda

Fujitsu uses GPU parallelisation to speed deep learning

Using "AlexNet," 64 GPUs in parallel have achieved 27x the speed of a single GPU for what Fujitsu is claiming…

2016-08-12 - Liezel Labios

Flexible skin patch monitors blood alcohol from sweat

The device coprises a temporary tattoo, which sticks to the skin and induces sweat, and a portable flexible electronic circuit…

2016-08-04 - KAIST

Semi-transparent solar cells reflect away heat

A research team at KAIST has developed a top transparent electrode that works well with perovskite solar cells.

2016-08-02 - Steve Taranovich

How Juno’s solar array gathers power from the sun

NASA's Juno spacecraft is a study in low power equipment improved solar-cell efficiency and array-structure design.

2016-08-01 - University of Utah, University of Minnesota

Oxide combo boosts power semi performance

Gallium nitride is often used for transistors in power supplies, but that has been explored for many years and likely…

2016-07-18 - R. Colin Johnson

EU targets holy grail of quantum superconducting

One grant for an ultra-sensitive superconducting photon director could clear the way to a universal supercomputing quantum computer.