2019-08-29 - Gina Roos

Breakthrough Flexible Actuator Technology Unveiled

Senseg claims the industry's first flexible actuators manufactured on roll-to-roll technology, opening up new opportunities and applications for haptic interfaces.

2019-08-16 - Rick Merritt

Celebrating the Engineer: The Maestro Behind the Sansa Clip

Engineer Bill Thanos helped many find a path to digital music riding the SanDisk Sansa Clip.

2018-06-12 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

NXP Launches mWallet 2GO

Aims to enable secure payments for wearables and IoT

2017-10-23 - R. Colin Johnson, EE Times

This Garment Pattern Could Power Biosensor Nets

Georgia Tech used flexible conducting polymers and Hilbert-curve-based, paper-printed circuit patterns in a proof of concept for thermoelectric fabrics that…