2019-04-29 - Rick Merritt

SiLabs Rolls Out New IoT Modules

Designers are turning to integrated parts, Silicon Labs said as it rolled out its latest multi-protocol SoCs for the IoT.

2019-04-11 - Matthew Burgess

Wi-Fi 802.11ah Looking to Exploit IoT Market

While we’ve been focused on our need for ‘beefy speeds’ to enable our Netflix bingefests, the rise of IoT has…

2019-03-25 - Rich Quinnell

The Sensors that Enable Precision Agriculture

The proliferation of IoT technologies along with data analytics, is dropping the cost of sensor-based crop, livestock, and resource management…

2019-03-15 - Sufia Tippu

Swiss Optic Fibre Maker to Tap into India 5G Market

Swiss optical fibre maker R&M will be scaling up its R&D and manufacturing activities in India, to tap into the…

2019-03-04 - Lou Hoffman

Blog: Huawei, On the Road to Recovery?

PR pro Lou Hoffman diagnoses Huawei's communications problems, and recommends a regimen for digging itself out of its current crisis.

2019-02-26 - Junko Yoshida

Qualcomm Aims to Corner the Connected Vehicle Market

By rolling out new vehicle connectivity solutions, Qualcomm, already a dominant force in the automotive connectivity market, is accelerating its…

2019-02-15 - Nitin Dahad

IoT Security Startups to get IAR Fund

IAR Group has committed $2 million per year over three years to invest in and incubate internet of things security…

2019-02-13 - ALi Corporation

Hybrid Solution to Realize Next-Generation TV Experience

ALi Corporation, Dish TV India Limited and HANDAN, announce latest hybrid solution, “Dish Box”, to enrich TV experience for subscribers…

2019-02-11 - Gary Hilson, EE Times

NVMe Over Fabrics Set to Disrupt Storage Networking

This year is already predicted to be a big one for NVMe-over-Fabric, and NVMe over TCP is expected to be…

2019-01-31 - Nitin Dahad

Emerging Lora Ecosystem Accelerates Growth

Semtech announced growth in demand for its LoRa devices with the cumulative deployment of approximately 80 million LoRa-enabled end nodes…