Telit, Tele2 develop embedded SIM

Article By : Telit

The simWise technology from Telit and Tele2 aims to reduce design constraints and time to market of IoT devices.

Telit and Tele2 have worked on a cellular module-embedded technology that claims t0 replacement or complement the traditional SIM card and tray used in cellular-connected devices.

Both companies believe that the module-software embedded SIM technology is essential to the mass-rollout of cellular IoT, in particular LPWA offerings such as LTE-M and NB-IoT. They noted that manufacturers of connected products that choose to embed Telit IoT modules with the simWISE technology can expect reduced manufacturing costs and improved customer experience across all verticals and markets.

Telit claims that the technology alleviates several issues in regard to connection lifecycle management of IoT-connected devices such as:

  • Design constraints and reliability of removable SIM and tray
  • High logistic costs associated with control, stock, and shipping of pre-provisioned SIM cards
  • Significant switching costs created by physical visits to swap SIM cards and network profiles

“As the M2M/IoT market continues to mature, devices will continue to get less expensive and smaller, making it easier for enterprises to harness the business-growing potential of IoT,” said Alon Segal, CTO of Telit. “Removal of the SIM card from product design dramatically reduces the time to market, complexity, and total cost of ownership of IoT devices.”

Device manufacturers can expect lower total cost of ownership, the ability to quickly swap mobile network operators, improved product reliability, and a single SKU for connected products that can operate on a global scale. Users can expect an improved and streamlined experience that replaces today's confusing and laborious physical SIM provisioning process.

The first Telit cellular modules to include this technology are the GE910 V3, GL865 V3/V3.1 and GE866.

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