Ventana Partners with Intel on RISC-V Cores and Chiplets

Article By : Ventana Micro Systems Inc.

Ventana is making its RISC-V CPU cores and chiplets available through Intel Foundry Services (IFS).

Ventana Micro Systems Inc. recently announced a strategic partnership to make its RISC-V CPU cores and chiplets available through Intel Foundry Services (IFS) to leading customers in the data center, 5G/edge, networking, storage, AI/ML, automotive, and client market verticals.

Ventana is the high-performance RISC-V leader offering data center class CPUs with extensible instruction set capability delivered in the form of multi-core chiplets or core IP. Ventana’s CPU cores are designed to deliver best-in-class single thread performance optimized for cloud, enterprise data center, 5G, edge compute, AI/ML, automotive, and client applications. Its unique microarchitectural innovations make its design highly portable across fabs and process nodes. The company’s modular, scalable chiplet-based product strategy enables rapid productization with significant reduction in development time and cost compared to the prevailing IP models.

As part of this partnership, Ventana’s high-performance cores will be made available on IFS’ leading manufacturing process to enable integration into customer SoCs. IFS customers will have access to the highest performance RISC-V cores on the market. Additionally, Ventana plans to offer a scalable, highly customizable compute platform that combines its high-performance multi-core chiplets with an IO Hub manufactured by IFS. The platform enables Hyperscalers and large OEMs to customize and differentiate their products while significantly reducing development time and cost.

“This exciting partnership with Intel Foundry Services will allow us to jointly address leading customer requirements by combining best-in-class RISC-V compute with IFS’ proven connectivity IP, leading edge process, advanced packaging, and reliable supply chain,” said Balaji Baktha, Founder and CEO of Ventana.

“We are excited to partner with Ventana to give our customers access to the highest-performance RISC-V cores. RISC-V offers a level of scalability and customization that is unique in the industry. We are seeing strong demand from our customers to support high-performance RISC-V solutions,” said Bob Brennan, VP Customer Solutions Engineering at Intel Foundry Services. “Ventana has the most complete and well developed Open Chiplet-based platform which is well-aligned to Intel’s vision. Ventana’s Chiplets enable IFS to deliver modular solutions that increase performance, reduce power, reduce development cost and accelerate time to market.”


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