High Resolution 1Msps SAR Analog to Digital Converter Isolated Solution

Isolating high-resolution high-speed SAR ADCs with a SPI interface in data acquisition systems can be challenging. Competing digital isolators limit the maximum SCK frequencies to 40MHz or less and can be a bottleneck to achieving the maximum sampling rates in data acquisitions systems. The LTM2893 family enables your design to reach the high end of SPI communication through a dedicated ADC isolator.

The LTM2893 and LTM2893-1 are flexible high-speed SPI interface isolators designed for SAR ADCs. The LTM2893 family combines a 100MHz SPI port, ADC control signals, and an ADC specific control algorithm to provide a simple solution isolating data acquisition systems. This video highlights the features, flexibility, and the high speed data throughput the LTM2893 offers.

Watch the video to learn more.