VVDN and Ambarella Partner on Next-gen Vision-based Solutions

Article By : VVDN Technologies

VVDN Technologies is expanding its capabilities on Ambarella's edge AI vision SoC platform to design and manufacture next-gen vision-based solutions.

VVDN Technologies is expanding its capabilities on Ambarella’s edge AI vision SoC platform to design and manufacture next-gen vision-based solutions. The expansion also allows VVDN to address multiple-tier, including high as well as mid-range, requirements, for smart camera solutions. VVDN has gained expertise on several AI vision processors and platforms to deliver best-in-class edge-based applications to tier-1 and tier-2 OEMs, globally, across various industry verticals.

Ambarella’s AI vision SoCs and related platforms are designed specifically for devices at the edge and offer a unique combination of computer vision performance, industry-leading image processing, low-bitrate streaming at high resolutions, and low power consumption, all on a single embedded architecture. This broadens the opportunities to develop vision-based solutions, by enabling a wide range of applications in security and surveillance, automotive, smart cities, industrial vision, consumer, healthcare, and retail.

VVDN provides a complete ecosystem, focusing on the end-to-end design and manufacture of various vision and camera products. VVDN designs and manufactures world-class cameras and vision products for global tier-1 OEMs, which include security and surveillance cameras, AI-based cameras, video conferencing cameras, dash cams, edge AI boxes, SOM boards/modules for cameras; smart city, traffic, and retail solutions; thermal cameras with video analytics, 360-degree high end, multi-image cameras, and NVRs/DVRs.

“With continuous growth and the rise in demand for AI at the edge, VVDN is expanding its competency and capabilities on the Ambarella platform to deliver next-gen vision-based solutions to the customer. Our dedicated in-house team has proven experience in areas such as image tuning, sensor integration, video stitching, AI/ML, data modeling and edge computing, which helps in delivering sophisticated and secure camera-based solutions to customers. Today, OEMs across the globe trust and invest in our capabilities and experience to get their next-gen solution designed, developed, and manufactured with an accelerated time to market,” said Sreejith, Vice President – Vision, VVDN Technologies.

Chris Day, Ambarella vice president of marketing and business development, added, “We are pleased to partner with VVDN to provide complete engineering support and manufacturing services for our edge AI vision SoC platforms. VVDN’s experience in delivering advanced IP  camera systems provides our OEM customers with the means to accelerate time to market for a broad range of new applications.”

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