VVDN Strengthens Manufacturing Capability to Sustain Growth

Article By : VVDN Technologies

VVDN Technologies added new SMT lines and another mechanical tooling facility to increase its manufacturing output.

VVDN Technologies continues its manufacturing business growth amid the unprecedented impact of the pandemic. To boost manufacturing output, the company continued its hiring process and employed more than 2,500 people over the past year. The company also added new SMT lines and expanded its mechanical mold and injection molding production as well as die casting facility. It undertook several measures to counteract supply chain challenges by leveraging its strong supplier and silicon partnerships.

VVDN designs and manufactures electronic products in the domains of 5G, access points, dashcams, AI-based cameras, audio devices, smart trackers, EV chargers, along with several COVID-19-related products such as diagnostic kits, and social distancing and contact tracing solutions.

“VVDN is known for its business resilience and commitment to its customers. While we all know it has been a tough year with regards to the Pandemic, witnessing growth in manufacturing has instilled a whole new level of confidence in our employees as well as our customers. We owe this to our people who defied all the odds and entrusted us,” said Puneet Agarwal, CEO of VVDN Technologies. “The addition of new SMT lines and another mechanical tooling facility, which also houses our new die casting facility, to our set up has resulted in the increase in our manufacturing numbers multifold. We have also hired in record numbers in the past year to ensure business and deliveries were not affected and our commitments to our clients were honored. The company is proud to have not only met the deadlines but also boost manufacturing.”

Keeping employee health and safety in mind at the forefront, VVDN followed all the SOPs for social distancing as well as hygiene. Dormitory accommodation as well as hygienic food facilities were provided to all the employees. Further, to tackle any exigency, COVID War rooms and a quick response team were set up to provide medical assistance for employees as well as their families. In May, VVDN had initiated a COVID-19 Vaccination Drive for its employees. In the first and second phases of the employee vaccination drive, more than 1,500 employees and family members have been vaccinated.

“Taking our employee safety as the topmost priority,  series of measures are being taken up. Our COVID Quick Response Team is doing a tremendous job in providing support to our employees as well as their families, too,” said Balakumar Chinnusamy, Vice President—HR, VVDN Technologies. “We are also running vaccination drive at our campus. We are also in the process of setting up more such vaccination drive at all our other offices across the country. We have been working closely with local government and public health authorities to address the challenges.”

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