VVDN Strengthens Services Portfolio, Adds Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Article By : VVDN Technologies

VVDN Technologies is expanding its portfolio by offering automotive engineering and manufacturing services to automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

VVDN Technologies will expand its portfolio by offering automotive engineering and manufacturing services to automotive OEMs, suppliers, fleet owners and start-ups globally.

In the automotive domain, VVDN comes with the capabilities in designing, developing and manufacturing automotive products from driver assistance solutions to digital cockpit solutions including mirrorless camera system, ADAS, battery management system (BMS), infotainment systems, digital instrument clusters, surround view system (SVS) and telematics control unit (TCU). There is also deep focus on e-mobility by supporting designs for residential as well as commercial EV chargers across various geographies.

With strong focus on R&D, VVDN offers hardware and software development, RF design, system testing and mechanical services. The company has already set up automotive R&D centers in Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kochi along with state-of-the-art test labs. On the manufacturing front, the company has invested heavily on PCBA, proto shop, mechanical mold and tooling for auto components, injection molding, die casting, and sheet metal, to name a few.

VVDN’s digital team is also working on the cloud suite, a rich toolbox of cloud-enabled software to help automotive manufacturers adapt different applications such as telematics, e-mobility, and help embrace digital technologies.

“We are very much looking forward to bringing our deep expertise in the automotive electronics which will augment VVDN’s services revenue. VVDN has been partnering with leading automotive manufacturers, tier I suppliers, by helping them design, develop and manufacture their next generation electronics. Not just the electronics but even software has revolutionized the automotive industry. We are excited to offer end-to-end value in the application development such as telematics, E-Mobility etc. which is critical to the digital transformation and growth of our customers,” said Vivek Bansal, President and Co-founder, VVDN Technologies.


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