CYBERNET 2021/04/06

Automotive Functional Safety Application at the Hardware Level

Nowadays, the development trends in the vehicle industry, such as the Internet of Vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, electric vehicles…

Siemens 2021/03/30

Using Machine Learning for Fast, Accurate High-Sigma Verification of Memory IP

We will show Solido Variation Designer’s next-generation High-Sigma Verifier tool. Using machine learning technology, this tool can intelligently verify to…

Siemens 2021/03/26

Tessent DFT – Critical area driven pattern optimization: Automation to choose the most effect patterns

Tessent just introduced a new solution that will change the way companies create and choose which patterns to apply. Choosing…

Siemens 2021/03/23

The MEMS Digital Twin Flow

Market forces are forcing MEMS teams to look at new methodologies. Time to market pressure, competitive pressure, FAB access and…

STMicro... 2021/03/22
STMicroelectronics (ST)

High Performance Microcontrollers STM32H72x-73x Series Product Overview

The aim of this webinar is to introduce our latest product within Single-core lines of the STM32H7 Series – STM32H72x…

Siemens 2021/03/19

Calibre Overview – 7nm and beyond

DRC rules in advanced nodes not only increase exponentially in number but also tend to become more complex. This can…

CYBERNET 2021/02/23

5G mmWave Device Design and Simulation with Thermal Analysis

Currently, technological developments make electronic products more convenient. 5G become a really hot topic and also push high-speed to another…

Siemens 2021/02/08

Verification Management & Planning – the sequel to metric-based verification

This webinar will introduce Test Plan Tracking and how it helps us map the coverage data to our verification plan…

Siemens 2021/02/05

Error Reduction in the Design Definition Phase

Instead of focusing on the functionality intent, design reviews are focusing on finding these kind of issues. But there are…

Arm 2020/12/29

A New Way to Innovate Faster, Better and Smarter – Arm Flexible Access Program

The consumer electronics market that many companies participate in is the market of constant and rapid change. The product requirements…