Calibre Full Chip Integration & Interface flows

Calibre DESIGNrev tool is a fast and flexible chip-finishing platform that helps speed up design completion and tape-outs by rapidly loading, displaying, and editing large GDSII and OASIS layouts whereas the Calibre Foreign Database Interface (FDI) utilities enable LEF, DEF, and OpenAccess read/write as well as Oasis to DEF back annotation & LEFDEF DRC […]

RIGOL Technologies

How to implement waveform reconstruction by function generator & oscilloscope

Waveform reconstruction technique is an innovative way to simulate and perform some unpredictable events which is generated by some device under test. It was widely used in Bio-medical electronics even ultrasonics application industry. Because it’s hard and time consuming to compile some irregular waveform by function generator directly, so we can capture the waveform […]


Design and Implementation of Future EV, Green Energy and Power System by Using Wolfspeed SiC

Wolfspeed Introduction Introduction of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wolfspeed SiC Application Design EV Fast Charing 3-Phase 2-Level Active Front End (AFE)| Bi-directional 20-30KW A/NPC, TNPC AC-DC Converter| Bi-directional 20-30KW Cascade LLC/ 2 Level LLC DC-DC Converter| Bi-directional Wolfspeed SiC in DC Fast Charger Application Solar Power 60kW SiC Based Interleaved […]

RIGOL Technologies

How to Conquer High Speed Digital Test Challenge

High speed digital transmission is the hottest topic among current serial or parallel bus communication. In order to solve the signal integrity issue, eye diagram inspection and jitter performance verification become more crucial for engineer to judge how well the analog waveform will be and how to decomposite the inteference sources in further. This topic […]

EdgeQ, Keysight, Movandi, Qualcomm, Rohde & Schwarz (R&S), SPIL (ASE Group)

EE Times 5G Forum: Leveraging New Opportunities and Ecosystems in a 5G World

Organizer         Presentation Partners   Introduction The 5G era has arrived, promising to bring more data, more quickly, to a wide array of new devices. But the road to adoption and deployment continues to be challenging as the technology constantly evolves. 5G aims to deliver unparalleled experiences and change the way live […]

Avnet, Nordic

Nordic – Your Partner For Low Power Wireless Solution

This webinar will give you an overview of Nordic’s award-winning Bluetooth solutions and power management products. You will understand how Nordic’s low power solutions will benefit your design and how Nordic and Avent technical teams can support you to realize your next design project on wireless low power application.   Presenter Jason Wong – Business […]

Apacer Technology

Achieving Security-Efficiency Balance with Remote SSD Management in the Post-Pandemic Era

Business face new challenges in the post-pandemic era. Remote work is preferred in many cases, and the number of edge devices is growing. As businesses transition to online work, they’re finding that efficient cloud-based remote management, and edge security solutions to prevent threats such as B.S.O.D (Blue Screen Of Death) or ransomware attacks are more […]


Silicon Carbride Product and Application Webinar

The Webinar will cover the latest SiC product update in ONSEMI, In the meantime, the webinar will also cover the design and application aspect in SiC devices as well as its compliementary solution. Those who fill in the survey have the opportunity to win E-Gift Card USD $25X20 Presenter Terence Tse – Senior Business Development Manager, Arrow Asia Pac Terence Tse has been working in Arrow for more […]

Macnica Cytech

Analog Devices’ Voyager 3 Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform

This webinar will introduce Analog Devices Voyager 3, Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform. Vogager3 is a system evaluation solution for a wireless signal chain for MEMS accelerometer-based vibration monitoring. The system solution combines combines mechanical attach, hardware, firmware, and PC software ​to produce high-performance, low power data acquisition of the MEMS vibration sensors. ​The module is […]

STMicroelectronics (ST)

Low cost graphics solution with TouchGFX designer tool

The STM32 family provides a comprehensive offer for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), which enables developers to easily add a smartphone-like GUI to embedded devices, accelerating the ‘HMI of things’ revolution. During this webinar, we will introduce STM32G0 and TouchGFX desginer tool. Throughout this section we will use the TouchGFX board setup for the STM32G071 nucleo […]