Molex 2020/07/27

An Introduction to Mirror Mezz (A Hermaphroditic High Speed Board to Board Connector)

Mirror Mezz is a hermaphroditic connector which lowers application costs and can support 56GB NRZ and 112Gbps PAM4 for telecommunications,…

Macnica... 2020/07/20
Macnica Cytech

Simplified Power Supply Solution for Vehicle Tracking Systems

Webinar Introduction A Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is typically installed on cars and trucks to provide real-time information about the…

Silicon... 2020/07/01
Silicon Labs / Arrow

How to add Bluetooth Connectivity to Battery-powered IoT products by Using Thunderboard BG22

Webinar Introduction Watch the recorded presentation on Thunderboard BG22 Unboxing from Silicon Labs. In his presentation, Ryan Orton, field applications…

Intel/W... 2020/06/18

The Epidemic Evokes New IoT Solutions

Webinar Introduction In the beginning of 2020 , the COVID-19 has cast a shadow on various industries around the world,…

TTI 2020/06/01

Molex Solutions for Datacom, Telecom and Data Center Applications

Molex develops and delivers complete telecommunications and networking solutions for even the fastest networks, minimizing space by integrating RF, optical,…

Excelpo... 2020/05/27
Excelpoint Systems

Learn how mSure, the next-generation smart meters can improve energy renewal

Testing and calibration of hardware are always needed to meet accuracy and performance criteria required by industrial applications. Traditionally, manual…

Arrow 2020/05/22

How to reduce EMI using the DC-DC converters from Silent Switcher family of ADI

ADI’s Silent Switcher regulators bring new levels of performance for synchronous step down DC to DC converters. Combining 2MHz switching,…

Macnica... 2020/05/22
Macnica Cytech

µModule Power Products

A switching regulator is typically the first active component on the input power bus line, and therefore has a significant…

Maxim 2020/04/22

Simplifying Supercapacitor Backup Applications using MAX38888

The presentation is about the use of supercapacitor for power backup applications. It starts with a refresh on what are…

CYBERNET 2020/03/18

Analyzing high-speed signal PCB with multi-physics approach

Designing 5G wireless systems is a huge undertaking. Especially high-speed PCB simulation and RF system in 5G are key to…