The Epidemic Evokes New IoT Solutions


Webinar Introduction

In the beginning of 2020 , the COVID-19 has cast a shadow on various industries around the world, followed by epidemic prevention and isolation, transportation and traffic control will drastically changed people’s working and living patterns. In the short term, the industry still faces a high degree of systemic risk, and it’s necessary to review and actively plan for contingency measures.

At the same time, the spread of the epidemic has also led to space for emerging applications and technological development. In the low point of operation, it’s recommended that all sectors should anticipate the changes after the epidemic, and deploy intel MRS (Mark Ready Solution) / RRK (RFP Ready Kit) technologies and applications with market potential ahead of schedule to welcome the aftermath of the epidemic new business opportunities.

Elitegroup has collaborated with Intel and WPI to deliver new solutions for solving difficulties during outbreak.

Let’s greeting the future together!


Agenda Speaker
Introduction of Intel IoT Solution Aggregator and Intel MRS/RRK Intel
WPI, the Intel IoT Solution Aggregator

The Evolving Role of IoT Ecosystem

Feh Fan Yang, WPI
ECS LIVA 2.0 for Timely and Digital Signage Application Timothy Huang, ECS
Facial Recognition with Thermal Detection for Outbreak Timothy Huang, ECS
Remote Education Solution Realize Learning without Boundaries Amanda Lin, ECS



FehFan Yang -Technical Marketing Manager

Feh Fan has more than five years experience in Industrial IoT. With his strong background of sensors, data communication and cloud storage, he is able to impact the IoT world especially in SEA.

Timothy Huang-Assistant manager

Timothy, the BD deputy manager in ECS, has accumulated the experience in consumer and industry computer products and their application more than 15 years. He is also good at finding out suitable solutions with partners in IoT market.

Amanda Lin-Senior Specialist

Amanda Lin is responsible for the product marketing, product line management, go-to-market strategy and more for Mobile PC Business Unit of ECS. As a seasoned professional with more than 10 years of computer systems, Mobile PC, she specialize in developing education solutions and commercial application.

About Intel & WPI

WPIG, as an Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator and Intel® IoT Solution Alliance member, is the best channel to offer the most diversified Intel® IoT solutions to address your business needs across multiple domains and applications. To play the role of IoT Solution Aggregator, WPI Group is capable to serve IT Systems Integrators and OT System Integrators in Asia and Greater China regions, bridge the overall end-to-end (Edge to Cloud) applications. To integrate IoT solutionsdeveloped by partner like Elitegroup, WPI is much effectively on supporting System Integrators to select suitable solutions and manage inventories. 

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