An Introduction to Mirror Mezz (A Hermaphroditic High Speed Board to Board Connector)


Mirror Mezz is a hermaphroditic connector which lowers application costs and can support 56GB NRZ and 112Gbps PAM4 for telecommunications, networking and other applications.

Mirror Mezz not reduces cost by using stitched contacts compared to insert molding but also ofers higher operation efficiency and improved design flexibility. Self-mating Mirror Mezz Connectors eliminate the need for separate mating parts and associated inventory costs.

Mirror Mezz Connectors offer maximum design flexibility by allowing the user to pair different connector height versions and achieve the desired stack height for their application.

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Poon Wai Kiong – Global Product Manager

Wai Kiong is a Global Product Manager and has been with Molex for 14 years. He belongs to the Copper Solutions Business unit and is part of a team that manages Molex’s latest High-Speed Board to Board Connector – Mirror Mezz. Located in Molex Singapore, he is able to work effectively with manufacturing entities across Asia as well as engineering support from Singapore, Taiwan and India. At the same time, catering to the needs of customers all around the world. His responsibilities include supporting Molex operations in Singapore, and China as well as existing and new product launches for both general market and custom products.



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