Keysight World 2021 – Everyone and Everything, Connected

Join us from October 12-14 for our biggest customer event of the year: Keysight World 2021. Keysight World events focus on technology megatrends and emergent themes. This year’s presentations and panel discussions feature noted futurist Bernard Marr as well as Keysight customers from Bosch, DOCOMO, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Google, Qualcomm and Samsung. Opening keynote remarks will […]


A New Way to Innovate Faster, Better and Smarter – Arm Flexible Access Program

The consumer electronics market that many companies participate in is the market of constant and rapid change. The product requirements undergo significant modifications several times over the course of the development of the product, resulting in constant changes to the IP needs. Arm Flexible Access program provides up-front, low-cost access to a wide range of […]


Gear up to deliver world class UI/UX on Electric Vehicles & Medical Devices with Qt for MCUs

In this webinar, you’ll learn about how Qt for MCUs can enable you to design, develop, test and deploy stunning UI applications on Microcontroller-based devices. It will also address how the same code base can be used to scale your applications for Embedded Processor-based applciation and Desktop-based application. We’ll also cover the latest additions to […]


Scaling Photonic Design with Automation

LightSuite Photonic Compiler allows designers to automate photonic design by focusing on optimizing designs rather than monotonous routing tasks for not only photonic connections but the ever-increasing number of electrical control signals. Learn about how Tanner L-Edit Photonics enables PIC designers to assemble production level photonic circuit layouts by enabling interoperability, electrical routing, native configurable […]


Functional Safety with Safe IC Flow

Designing ICs to meet the power, performance and area needs of the autonomous vehicle requires new system architectures optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning. On top of these requirements, they need to function with exceptional reliability and accuracy for much longer periods of time compared to ICs in consumer markets. Developing these advanced SoCs […]


Automotive Functional Safety Application at the Hardware Level

Nowadays, the development trends in the vehicle industry, such as the Internet of Vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, electric vehicles and even autonomous vehicles, rely heavily on complex vehicle electrical equipment and the need of automotive electronics can be forecasted to increase rapidly. Safety is the fundamental and the key requirement for vehicle systems to […]


Using Machine Learning for Fast, Accurate High-Sigma Verification of Memory IP

We will show Solido Variation Designer’s next-generation High-Sigma Verifier tool. Using machine learning technology, this tool can intelligently verify to 6-sigma and higher, with sign-off Monte Carlo SPICE accuracy, in just hundreds to thousands of simulations. We will also cover how to achieve fast and accurate full memory IP verification using hierarchical, structurally-correct Monte Carlo […]


Tessent DFT – Critical area driven pattern optimization: Automation to choose the most effect patterns

Tessent just introduced a new solution that will change the way companies create and choose which patterns to apply. Choosing the types of patterns. What you will learn: 1. How critical area can optimize selection of the most effective patterns from various pattern sets 2. An automated simple process to determine the best patterns to […]


The MEMS Digital Twin Flow

Market forces are forcing MEMS teams to look at new methodologies. Time to market pressure, competitive pressure, FAB access and capacity are all driving MEMS designers to look for a more efficient methodology to tackle their toughest design challenges. Designers and Manufacturers alike are exploring options to improve yield, design robustness, and design differentiation. Siemens […]

STMicroelectronics (ST)

High Performance Microcontrollers STM32H72x-73x Series Product Overview

The aim of this webinar is to introduce our latest product within Single-core lines of the STM32H7 Series – STM32H72x & STM32H73x. We will discuss some of its target applications and key features, as well as its robust Ecosystem that’s already well in place. The Arm® Cortex®-M7-based STM32H7 MCU series leverages ST’s Non-Volatile-Memory (NVM) technology […]