Calibre Overview – 7nm and beyond

DRC rules in advanced nodes not only increase exponentially in number but also tend to become more complex. This can lead to increased runtime and are extremely difficult to debug as well. Foundry can also mandate additional checks related to “Reliability and Yield” as sign-off requirements. All of these can lead to significant overhead in […]


5G mmWave Device Design and Simulation with Thermal Analysis

Currently, technological developments make electronic products more convenient. 5G become a really hot topic and also push high-speed to another value issue especially mmWave. This topic will show you what the difference between 5G and 4G of designment in simulation by Ansys. Datasheet Download Antenna Design and Analysis Case Studies PPT 5G mmWave Device Design […]


Verification Management & Planning – the sequel to metric-based verification

This webinar will introduce Test Plan Tracking and how it helps us map the coverage data to our verification plan and make it easy to check if each and every plan item has been tested and ensure that the test pass criteria has been met. What You Will Learn *How to close the loop between […]


Error Reduction in the Design Definition Phase

Instead of focusing on the functionality intent, design reviews are focusing on finding these kind of issues. But there are methods available that allow you to eliminate these errors programmatically, so you can focus on the essentials. During this webinar we will be showing approaches to reduce errors in the design definition phase, reducing risks […]


A New Way to Innovate Faster, Better and Smarter – Arm Flexible Access Program

The consumer electronics market that many companies participate in is the market of constant and rapid change. The product requirements undergo significant modifications several times over the course of the development of the product, resulting in constant changes to the IP needs. Arm Flexible Access program provides up-front, low-cost access to a wide range of […]


Selected Intel IoT Solutions for India Market

WPIG, as an Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator and Intel® IoT Solution Alliance member, is the best channel to offer the most diversified Intel® IoT solutions to address your business needs across multiple domains and applications. To play the role of IoT Solution Aggregator, WPI Group is capable to serve IT Systems Integrators and OT System […]

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

PCIe: Beyond compliance

The PCI Express (PCIe) architecture is the core of most computer designs connecting the processor and memory subsystems to the endpoint devices via the root complex. The growing demand for speed pushes the limit of adoption in various design and drives the needs for standardization in PCI-SIG. With this, the PCIe compliance testing requirement has […]

Silicon Labs / Arrow

Digital Isolation for Industrial Automation Equipment

Webinar Introduction In this webinar, firstly, Mike will review the Silicon Labs’ Isolation portfolio generally. Then, the topic will mainly focus on how Silicon Labs Digital Isolators, such as the Si838x PLC Input Isolator, Si834x Isolated Switch, and Si875x SSR Replacement are ideal for industrial automation equipment. Presenter Mike Glazebrook – Field Application Engineer, Silicon […]

EMI analysis on power supply design

A noisy power supply emits noise through capacitive coupling, inductive stored energy, large current loops, galvanic coupling and common mode radiation. These noises if coupled through the power plane as ripple will flow to different chipsets on the board and affects the performance. In addition, the switch mode power supply today uses fast switching technology […]


Maxim NanoPower technology Overview

With the increasing evolution of high performance, long operational life time battery powered equipment in various domains such as medical, wellness,Communication, automation, the power consumption both in active and in standby modes becomes critical and requires specific approaches and techniques both in design and in technologies. Maxim put their skills and resources to address the […]