Chroma EV Battey Test Solutions

By 2040, electric vehicles will account for 33% of all vehicle sales. Battery life and safety are key technical indicators for EV development. Chroma has developed the battery test system with high precision, high efficiency and energy saving, which is the best solution for battery reliability testing. Read more information to download the white paper: […]


Cloud Connectivity using AWS and the new RX65N Cloud Kit

Are you an active user of Amazon FreeRTOS for your MCU designs? Are you struggling with the challenge of getting your IOT devices to talk to the Cloud? Check out this easy-to-use kit that can get your devices connected right away. Introducing qualification and support of FreeRTOS along with a FreeRTOS-qualified Smart Configurator for RX […]


Enhancing system robustness with Maxim power protection solutions

The video highlights first what are protection in electronic devices, why protection is a must, then a description of what are the challenges for engineers in designing protection circuits and on the last part, what can be put in place to have a robust system protection with solutions including discrete components and modern ICs integrating […]


Putting Safety Features into Battery Management Systems

In modern Battery Management Systems, a large variety of safety features must be included to provide a safe operation. Renesas’ Li-ion battery pack monitoring, protection and balancing ICs are specifically designed to meet the stringent safety, reliability, and performance requirements of portable and battery powered applications such as consumer, industrial, and medical products. During this […]

Success Strategy for IoT Design – Tips and tricks for antenna tuning using VNA

With billions of IoT devices forecasted to be connected through various wireless technologies, this significantly implies the challenges for antenna design on IoT devices is getting higher. This webinar emphasis on the importance of antenna tuning at operating frequency. You will be guided step-by-step on antenna tuning with the vector network analyzer. During this brief […]


Blood Pressure Measurement

Holtek announces the release of a new highly functionally integrated Blood Pressure Meter dedicated Flash MCU, the BH67F226X series. The device retains the original high performance blood pressure measurement circuit functions of predecessor devices, which include multiple amplifiers with programmable gain and bias features, band-pass filter, 12-bit A/D converter, constant current generator, constant voltage driver […]


IIOT-based Connected Factory

For some time, leveraging smart manufacturing to boost production quality has been a common goal for manufacturing operations around the globe. IoT integration can enable production lines to process production data and respond in real time, maximizing production efficiency. ADLINK, with years of experience in production line integration, delivers highly compatible IoT solution that can […]


Blood Glusose Measurement

As the number of people suffering from diabetes is on the increase, an accurate and easy to use blood glucose measurement method is required to provide a means of keeping their blood glucose level under control. To address this need Holtek has developed an LCD type MCU which includes a fully integrated 12-bit A/D converter, […]


Stress-Free Electrical Safety for Power Designers

Safety is an important consideration when designing power systems. Engineers are very aware that failure to adequately ensure safety during the design phase means certification will be fraught with problems and stress. This webinar presents a checklist of things to consider about safety when working on your next power design that addresses: Selection of X […]


Designing Power Systems for Railway Applications

Railway applications present challenges to power engineers, with increasingly complex on-board systems, demands for higher energy efficiency and the need for any equipment to withstand the harsh environments encountered on rolling stock. Additionally, rail systems must deliver high reliability and meet stringent certification requirements. This webinar explains the market pressures on engineers developing power systems […]