How to implement waveform reconstruction by function generator & oscilloscope

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Waveform reconstruction technique is an innovative way to simulate and perform some unpredictable events which is generated by some device under test. It was widely used in Bio-medical electronics even ultrasonics application industry. Because it’s hard and time consuming to compile some irregular waveform by function generator directly, so we can capture the waveform from device under test first and then reconstruct it via Oscilloscope and Function generator pairs.

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Edward Pan

Sr. Technical Marketing Director

Edward Pan is currently the Sr.Technical Marketing Director of the International Sales Dept. of RIGOL Technology Co., Ltd.. He has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of electronic test and measurement technology. He specializes in digital communication, microwave and RF communication measurement, electromagnetic interference verifications and analysis of signal integrity. In recent years, he has traveled around the world and has carried out more than 100 technical seminars.

Edward holds a master’s degree in Electro-Optical engineering from National Central University and a master’s degree in business management from National Chengchi University. Now, he is studying for a doctorate in the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering at National Taiwan University.

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