Design and Implementation of Future EV, Green Energy and Power System by Using Wolfspeed SiC



  • Wolfspeed Introduction
  • Introduction of Silicon Carbide (SiC)
  • Advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC)
  • Wolfspeed SiC Application Design
    • EV Fast Charing
      • 3-Phase 2-Level Active Front End (AFE)| Bi-directional
      • 20-30KW A/NPC, TNPC AC-DC Converter| Bi-directional
      • 20-30KW Cascade LLC/ 2 Level LLC DC-DC Converter| Bi-directional
      • Wolfspeed SiC in DC Fast Charger Application
    • Solar Power
      • 60kW SiC Based Interleaved Boost Converter Reference Design
      • Bi-directional Active Front End (AFE) Reference Design
    • Offline Switch Mode Power Supply
      • Efficiency Standard of SMPS for Data Center
      • Topologies of PFC
      • Comparison of Bridge-less PFC solutions
  • Tips of Gate Driving with SiC MOSFETs

Product – 3 MOSFET


Tristan Yen

Senior FAE, Wolfspeed

About Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed (NYSE: WOLF) leads the market in the worldwide adoption of Silicon Carbide and GaN technologies. We provide industry-leading solutions for efficient energy consumption and a sustainable future. Wolfspeed’s product families include Silicon Carbide materials, power-switching devices and RF devices targeted for various applications such as electric vehicles, fast charging, 5G, renewable energy and storage, and aerospace and defense. We unleash the power of possibilities through hard work, collaboration and a passion for innovation.

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