WInnForum Publishes Updated Transceiver Facility V2.1 with Platform Specific Models

Article By : Wireless Innovation Forum

WInnForum has approved an updated specification Transceiver Facility V2.1 (WINNF-TS-2008) to advance transceiver interoperability.

In a move to advance transceiver interoperability, the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) has approved an updated specification Transceiver Facility V2.1 (WINNF-TS-2008) that completes the former platform independent model and use case document with platform specific models for different programming paradigms.

The full package of approved documents includes formal Facilities Mapping Rules (WINNF-TR-2008) and Time Service Facility (WINNF-TS-3004) also updated with platform specific models.

The Transceiver Facility standardizes the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and associated properties for the RF Transceiver. It facilitates portability of radio applications (waveforms) and the use of reconfigurable transceiver implementations across platforms.

The core specification to the Transceiver Facility provides a Platform Independent Model (PIM) specification for the processing stage situated between the antenna and the radio physical layer baseband processing. The PIM specification is complemented by the addition of three new appendices providing platform specific model (PSM) specifications for programming paradigms, namely Native C++, FPGA, and Software Communications Architecture (SCA).

“This is another important milestone achieved to promote interoperability of Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications and to speed up the development phase,” R. Muralidharan of Tata Advanced Systems and member of the Forum’s Board of Directors. “As India moves toward the adoption of the SCA, the Forum’s contribution to the evolution of the technology is of utmost importance.”

These documents are part of the expanding suite of specifications developed by the WInnForum for international furtherance and harmonization of SDR standards. For the complete library, visit


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