Wipro’s TV middleware drives Hisense 4K TVs

Article By : Wipro

Wipro integrated its software stack with Hisense’s 4K TV product portfolio and helped accelerate product development of 4K LCD TV variants.

Wipro’s digital TV middleware, based on ATSC, DVB, ISDB and other interactive standards, has successfully powered Hisense 4K TVs in Japan. The Wipro solution supports Hisense 4K TV product features-ISDB-T/S Broadcast and HD-PVR.

Wipro was selected by Hisense as the middleware partner for its 4K TV segment in Japan. As a part of its engagement with Hisense, Wipro integrated its market-ready software stack with Hisense’s 4K TV product portfolio. It also helped the company accelerate the product development lifecycle of its recently launched product variants of 4K LCD TV.

Wipro’s middleware software is fully compliant with the latest Japanese Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB specifications) (ISDB-T/S) and is Integration-Ready for Android TV, Linux, QNX and other operating systems. Wipro’s solution enables key Smart TV features such as Hybrid Multi-Tuner (Terrestrial & Satellite), Antenna Diversity, One and Full Segment Services, BS/CS, BCAS Verifier, support for Fixed and Mobile Receivers, and Advanced HD-PVR scenarios.

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