Wireless lighting control eases installation, setup

Article By : Vivek Nanda

Osram's wireless lighting control system, designed for small- to mid-sized spaces, allows you to choose any luminaire with 0V-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver for installation, setup and management.

Osram has developed a standalone wireless lighting control system designed for small- to mid-sized spaces up to about 929m² (10,000ft²) and/or up to 100 nodes. The system, called Simplux, lets you choose any manufacturer’s luminaire that has a 0V-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver and deliver fixture-by-fixture or full group control as needed.

The system also offers an upgrade path to Polaris 3D software and the Encelium networked light management system for more sophisticated, enterprise-level control or integration to building automation systems via BACNet. It is a solution for a variety of room or multi-room applications including new, retrofit and multi-phase construction projects.

The company is targeting Simplux at schools, commercial offices, warehouses and places where a wired solution is a challenge.

The system does not require a floor plan and both installation and setup are claimed to be quick and easy using barcodes and the accompanying mobile app. Installers scan the barcodes of pre-installed hardware, group and connect them to Simplux controllers and leverage pre-set default settings, such as automated demand response, light levels and time-outs. Initialised lighting control schemes can be modified using the mobile app to accommodate different lighting requirements.

Simplux is a standalone solution that can be deployed in a phased project or based on when funding is available.

The system is available to specify now but will begin shipping June 2017.

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